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LMR-400 Cable Assemblies – Choosing the right assembly to optimise your returns!

Times Microwave LMR-400 Cable Assemblies significantly boost the RF signal range and coverage for all Helium Hotspot devices including but not limited to Sensecap, Linxdot, Bobcat and RAK Hotspot Miner.

Unfortunately there are many ‘copies’ of LMR-400 coaxial cable on the market. Only buy from trusted and recognised distributors of Times Microwave products. Copies can significantly reduce the returns from Helium Mining.

This high-performance upgrade directly translates to higher revenue potential due to more efficient RF signal transmission from your Hotspot device to the Antenna.

Best of all, the low cost nature of these assemblies ensure a speedy payback of your investment in these system performance critical components. With recent regulatory changes to reduce the allowable output power of these devices , every dB of signal loss is more critical than ever – as it directly translates to reduced Hotspot performance and presents an additional new challenge when mining for Helium HNT currency.

How do I earn HNT Helium Tokens?

Participants earn HNT by mining and building coverage for The People’s Network using compatible Hotspots. In simple terms, the more hotspots recognised, the more HNT is earned. In order to link with as many Helium devices as possible means ensuring a very strong RF signal. This is where the LMR-400 cable assemblies are extremely important.

LMR-400 Cable assemblies – Low Loss Helium Interconnect

Previously Hotspot devices in Europe had a higher Power Output rating. Now that there is a new restriction on output power in Europe, it has never been more important to use LMR-400 Cable assemblies as the perfect low loss interconnect.

Previously, “RG” type coaxial Cables were used between the Helium Devices and antennas. RG cables are now a very undesired option due to their very high loss characteristics – combined with their ability to increase their Attenuation over time – directly resulting in degraded Hotspot range and coverage.

LMR-400 Cable Assemblies Vs RG-58 Cable Assemblies

  • RG-58 cable RF Signal Insertion Loss over 10 Metres at EU 868 MHz Frequency is nominally 5.2 dB (that’s only 56.4% efficiency)

  • LMR-400 Loss over 10 Metres at EU 868 MHz Frequency: 1.4dB (Much higher coverage, 74.8% efficiency!)

The difference between the two is 3.8 dB’s – even 3 dB’s is an improvement of x 2 the Power Output, this is very dramatic performance boost!

LMR-400 Cable Assemblies

Custom LMR-400 Cable Assemblies – Availability

You may be wondering where you can purchase your custom made LMR-400 Cable Assemblies. You will be delighted to know that here at Helium Hex, we stock all the correct components for Helium device LMR-400 cable assemblies.

Are My LMR-400 Assemblies Tested?

All LMR cable assemblies are fully tested before sending out of our workshop. If you would like a copy of the results, you can ask for this upfront to ensure you are satisfied with the electrical performance of your LMR-400 cable assemblies. This will help to give you excellent peace of mind before installation.

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